Khulekani Pacificus Dlamini


Mr KP Dlamini


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Research Interests

Sports Briefs, PWDs, COVID-19, Whole-body vibration, Localised vibration, Power Plate variations in elite athletes, Effects of jumping power, Strength & Conditioning, Strength-endurance, Application of Kinesis, Nutrition, Endurance, Sports Performance, Exercise, Health promotion.


Lecturer, Exercise Science (BELS)


Mr KP Dlamini is a Lecturer of Exercise Science in the Discipline of Biokinetics, Exercise & Leisure Sciences (BELS) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in Durban.

He teaches Principles of Coaching & Conditioning, Measurements & Evaluation, Kinesiology & Health Education, and Kinanthropometry & Nutrition.


Dlamini completed his coursework master’s degree in Sport Sciences (Exercise Science). In 2016 his masters focused on the acute effects of varying whole-body vibration exposure on jump performance of amateur club volleyball players. He utilised a Power Plate platform and a myotest to investigate the players’ countermovement jump (CMJ) performance.


In 2017 as he has attended and completed four University Education Induction Programmes (UEIPs). These programmes are accredited for academic staff involved in Teaching & Learning for Higher Education. The four programmes completed include Assessing learning in higher education, Designing and evaluating curriculum in higher education, teaching & learning in higher education, and supervising research in higher education.

Currently, Dlamini is credentialing and his PhD is focusing on disability sport and athletes with disabilities. He has a growing interest to develop a sports brief to optimize sport participation during the global pandemic such as COVID-19.


His research focuses on utilising collegiate and competitive athletes, coaches, and managers and using a mixed-methods approach to examine the lived experiences faced by the participants during the global pandemic.


Community engagement: KP is running fitness boot camps targeting physical activity, health and wellness in individuals and communities.



List of Publications

Dlamini, K.P., Naidoo, R. Acute effects of varying whole-body vibration exposure on jump performance of amateur club volleyball players. African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences (AJPHES), Volume 23 (3), Sep 2017, p. 485 – 497