Discipline of Biokinetics, Exercise and Leisure Sciences

Prof Rowena Naidoo

Prof Rowena Naidoo

Academic Leader: Biokinetics, Exercise and Leisure Sciences
Tel: +27 (0)31 260 8235
E-mail: Naidoor3@ukzn.ac.za

Research InterestsHealth promotion among children, specifically children with disabilities and workplace wellness, physical activity interventions; anti-doping interventions for adolescents
BiosketchProf Rowena Naidoo completed her Biokinetics degree in 2000 and practiced as a biokineticist for over 10 years at the former University of Natal. As a biokineticist, she has travelled with numerous sports teams both locally and internationally. In 2011, she was appointed as a lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal at the Discipline of Biokinetics, Exercise and Leisure Sciences. In 2017, Rowena was appointed as the Academic Leader of the discipline and in 2019 was appointed as an Associate Professor.

She is currently the Chair of the KZN Biokinetics Association of South Africa (BASA).

As a Doping Education Officer and the Doping Education coordinator in KwaZulu-Natal, Rowena, coordinates doping awareness education programmes at all levels of sport. She has been working with the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport since 1999.

Research interest: Rowena is interested in promoting cross-disciplinary and inter-institutional research projects, particularly concerning children. Areas of current research interest include promoting physical activity and sport in children with disabilities.

Postgraduate Supervision: If you are interested in studying for a research degree related to one or more of my research interests, please contact me with your ideas.